Feb 12 2012 – Grill’d Burgers

February 12, 2012

Grill'd Burgers

A few weeks ago Jenn started her new job at Grill’d Burgers and from all reports, is enjoying it immensely.

Jenn looking funky in her Grill'd Uniform

Grill’d Burgers applies a healthy fresh angle to burgers and are really popular.

Grill'd Bird & Brie Burger - Image - http://lovemyfoodsandsugar.blogspot.com.au

As well as being famous for their burgers, Grill’d is renowned for their Chips (fries).

It’s the secret herb blend that make them so good. Hot, Seasoned, Crispy and fresh. Not a typical tasteless soggy pile of potato. They also come with a variety of  “chip dips”, like herb mayonnaise, tomato relish or sweet chilli mayo.

Inside Grill'd

The restaurants themselves are fresh and funky. Build to suit old and young.

Check out the Website and the Menu. Makes me hungry every time.


One comment

  1. Wow love the uniform looks great.OMG the fries sound delicious I think I gained 5 pounds lol looking at them and the yummy fries and dip lucky you gets to work in a great place wish you all the luck I am sure you will be a great asset and amazing as a server when you were here.Let me know how you like it etc

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